Jan 4, 2015


One last place I kind of forgot to write about is Osaka. I tend to forget that we actually flew into Kansai and went to Kyoto from there back in April. Ya, I know, outdated post again. This will be the last of the Kyoto, Osaka sakura adventure before another adventure coming this April.

I did not planned to spend much time in Osaka as it is a city and like many other cities, it is full of people and tall buildings, not my kind of holiday. I prefer something exotic and different. But, there is always but...I kind of regret not spending more time here. This place is like a shopping heaven, tonnes to stuff and things to see. We actually went to Osaka during the last two days of our trip and only spend a night there. Went to see some night view and the famous Glico man at night and the next day at the Osaka castle. And then back to Dotonbori for more shopping. Regretted that we only discovered GU so late that we had to rush in and shopped until the very last minute before making it to the airport. Luckily our flight was at night.

The famous Glico man in Dotonbori

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle ground area

Osaka city

And total regret to buy all those skincare and SKII from Japan as it was not that cheap and busted my weight allowance. Only found out the hard way that Japanese follow the rules very much until I had to pay extra to check in another bag. A word of caution though for those flying into Japan, if you bought 20 kilos of weight, make sure that you don't bust the limit or else be prepared to pay for the penalty. I busted about 3 kilos and they even weighed by hand carry. Sadly, hand carry also busted, all busted. No choice but to pay extra RM 100 to check in another bag. Or else, I think I had to start throwing things in the airport and made a big scene.

Ok, enough of sidetrack. A little tip, we bought the day pass for the Osaka travel by train/subway and we got a discount for the castle entrance. There are a few perks for getting the pass, so make sure you read through and ask the counter staff for any discount.


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