Jan 10, 2015

Ratu Boko @ Yogyakarta

If I can use one word to describe this place, it would be "It's Not Worth It", ok make that four words.

Seriously, I almost fainted when I went to the counter to buy the tickets. It's USD 13 which translate into almost RM 50. If I were there for the sunset, I would not mind at all but the sky was crying and the sun was nowhere to be seen. My heart also crying after paying about RM100 for 2 tickets into the temple. Ratu Boko is not too far away from Prambanan temple. I think the driver was a bit shocked when we asked him to bring us there as I guess not many people went there and now I know why. I wished I did some proper research before suggesting the temple. We could turn back after reaching there but sigh, damage to the wallet was done.

If Borobudur is a good place to watch the sunrise, Ratu Boko is the best place for sunset. And I had to admit that from the photos that I googled, it was definitely one of the good place for sunset viewing.

The temple was practically empty when we reached there around 3pm after Prambanan. We started with Borobudur temple and then followed by Prambanan and lastly Ratu Boko. Temples overload. We just spent less than an hour here as it was drizzling ans we were knackered from the temples marathon, lol. So it was just few clicking here and there and walked from one end to another.

So, do I regret going there? Yes. Frankly I would rather spend the money on more batiks, haha. Could have bought another two sets of cloth or rather 3 sets of cloth with that amount of money.


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