Jun 17, 2015

Recommended Dessert in Hanoi

One of the reason why I enjoyed Vietnam is because of the food and the pho. Ok, mainly because of the pho and the dessert. I am getting a bit nonsensical here, haha. You see, before we left for the trip, I gave the task of food to my travelmate and she is the one who dictates what and where to eat most of the time. We tried a few places but majority of the time, we just spent sitting at those small portable food stalls eating pho. I can only read pho ga as chicken pho and most of the time, we just ordered those.

But I am not gonna dwell much on pho and bun cha and those stuff. What I wanted to share here is more like the dessert we had while we were in Hanoi. We did not try much but these two are my top favourite dessert.

Fruit Ice Kacang style at To Tich
To Tich is a very short road and once you turned into the junction you can find many of the shops selling similar kind of dessert. Look for the one with the most people. There are plenty of choices on the menu and you can even order this topped with ice cream. Price starts around VND 25,000

Photo from internet courtesy of Alexis Fong
The fruit ice kacang. Do not judge the dessert by it's bowl, it's one of the best I had so far

The location of the shop
Photo courtesy of Alexis Fong (ripped from the internet)

Coconut Icecream with sticky rice at corner of  Hai Ba Trung and Phan Chu Trinh road
This shop has no name and basically it's at the corner of the two roads. You won't miss it as it was quite packed

Mango sticky rice with pandan flavour

the famous coconut ice cream with pandan sticky rice topped with coconut flakes

The shop, look for the green rooftop


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