Jun 19, 2015

Yonggungsa Temple 해동 용궁사 @ Busan, Korea

Ah.. I have been neglecting my blog again. I find it getting harder to sit down and really write out my travel experiences while trying to remember the details of at least how to get to the place. I wrote a summary of getting there in my itinerary but here I will share what are some of the alternatives as provided by our hotel. Mr. SON actually gave us a printed paper on various alternatives to go to this temple. I was actually toying the idea between this temple or Beomeosa but since the weather forecast to be raining whole day, we just went for this one. It's ironic that in Malaysia, I never appreciate those weather forecast as 90% of the time it is wrong but here in Korea, 100% of the time it is accurate even to the detail hourly forecast.

This temple is located by the sea and by looking at pictures from the internet, it is supposed to be a very pretty temple with nice scenery but sadly when it rained, everything looked white and foggy. Nevertheless, we went there anyway and it was so cold and I regretted not to bring a thicket jacket. yea, I am that vain as I only brought two thin nice jacket and I wanted to save my luggage space for more masks, skincare products and shopping. 

To get here we just follow the instructions from the piece of paper provided by Mr. Son and it was another 10 minutes walk into the temple. Inside the temple, there were still bits and pieces of sakura left but it was miserable to see mostly had fallen. I think I had maxed out my sakura luck in Japan last year :(

As the sky started to pour, it was getting foggy and we were so cold that we spend most of the time inside a cafeteria. We quickly take a few shots and then left the temple shivering while waiting for the bus. My plan was to catch the bus back to Dalmalji hill but after we stopped at one of the departmental store for directions, we changed our mind. The staff told us that the sakura flowers had withered and not worth going there. Ok, then let's go for shopping, haha. We went back to Nampo and start the shopping madness by buying 10,000 won bags. Seriously, the bags here are so cheap and nice and so Korean, haha. Yup, so Korean.


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