Aug 13, 2010

The Ice Land (10 -13 Sept 2009)

I literally booked this trip very spontaneously and I remembered that Adri and I were having some massive heart attack when the price of the package went up the day we decided to book. There was a promotion from Icelandic Air which includes hotel accomodation as well as a day tour trip to the Golden Circle and we couldnt resist the bargain.

Reyjavik Town

So although we had just came from Peru a few days ago and although weather forecasts said it's gonna rain for the whole week that we planned to go, we just booked the package. Plus there might be a small chance that we can get to see the Northern Lights.

The flight to Reyjavik was from Glasgow and we travel up from Edinburgh via train. By the time we reach Reyjavik, it was raining and we decided to take a short nap in the hotel before going out to town for dinner. Imagine our surprise when we woke up it's already 9pm. So we decided to explore the town the next day.

Reyjavik is a small typical Icelandic town with nothing much to do. There were shops but not a good place to shop around. We just loiter around the town but since it rained practically the whole time, we got quite bored and started going to restaurants for food. The seafood here is amazing with fresh sushi and lobster meat and soup. We were tempted to try out the shark and whale meat but decided against that. We had the most amazing lobster soup in one of the olden restaurants and the famous hotdogs in Baejarins Bestu.

The following day, we followed the Golden Circle tour which first took us to a geothermal place and then to the Geysir and Gulfross falls. Although it was only autumn, but with the wind and rain, it was bloody cold! Then we headed to the Þingvellir National Park. Scenary wise, Iceland is amazing but a piece of advise though, I think going in summer would be a better choice with blue sky instead of greyish

Gulfross Waterfall


Pingivilir National Park


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