Aug 13, 2010

Some Updates

Been such a long time since I have some updates in here..actually since I came back from SA, work had never stop pouring in. Lots and lots of them. And more after my manager went for her maternity :(

Times like this, I miss travelling! A LOT! Just wish I could just book some tickets like what I used to do in UK and jet off to another country in less than a few hours. For now, just looking forward for another holiday nearing the end of the year. Been surfing Air Asia for a while and was so tempted to book a trip to Yangdon (Myanmar) to see those Bagan's temple from a hot air balloon. BTW, the airticket only costs RM 45 for July - Aug next year. Sadly, my leave are all prebooked for Tibet, Nepal trip..still thinking of going to Bhutan ..hmmm and also if things work out, to Taipei to use up my RM 1000 travelling voucher that I won.

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