Dec 7, 2010

Cape Town (1-5 July 2010)

Cape Town, the mother city of South Africa truly live up to her name. There are no definite words to describe how gorgeous she is. There are mountains, sea and plenty to do in this place. We flew in to Cape Town from Durban and decided to stay here for 5 days. We rented a car to drive around and we booked our stay at Gemini Guest House. Service was not bad for the first few days but we need to pay by cash. The place was a mini studio with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in one.

Initially we had booked our boat ride to Robben Island at 9am but we couldnt wake up on time as no one actually set the alarm. So in the end we took the afternoon boat and decided to walk around Cape Town. The first sight we saw was the Table Mountain view. We were practically speechless. It was a beautiful weather as the sky is clear and blue. We heard from another friend that the weather was been quite crap a few days before.

our hotel room

stunning view from the waterfront

giant coke

May became my model

besides vuvuzela, these hats are popular during the World Cup

We took a slow stroll along the V&A waterfront and took the opportunity to take some pictures. Adri went to search for her shark cage diving while May and me took the time to snap photos of each other before the tourist crowd started. We killed the time with shopping in the FIFA shops for some tees and souvenirs. It was quite a crowd in Cape Town as everyone was down here for the big match between two giants, Argentina and Germany which later one we too manage to score tickets to the match.

walking towards the FIFA shop

inside the FIFA shop

The giant Jabulani in the centre of the V&A waterfront.
Notice the word Argentina and Germany is on the ball.
Later on only I realised that for each match, there will be a different Jabulani with the names of the team.


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