Dec 7, 2010

Vatican City

I love the lighting here

For any Christians, this place is a must for them. Vatican City, the smallest country in the world is right in the middle of chaotic Rome. The place is guarded by the Swiss guards. It was here that Dan Brown's famous book 'Angels and Demons' is based upon.

I had a chance to visit the largest church and in my opinion the most beautiful in the world during my business trip to London. I took two and half weeks off and travel around Europe for the first time in 2008 to places like Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech, Amsterdam, Belgium and France. Luckily for me, I was still in the youth category at the point of travel and could travel on youth rate around Europe. So a piece of advice, travel Europe while you are still young as the places offered very affordable ratefor youth (below 26 of age).

From the hotel that we stayed, we took a metro to Vatican City. We didnt manage to go into the museum as it was full of people. We lined up for St Peter's Basilica and went up to the top to have a panaromic view of the city with more than 200 steps to climb (we decided to save 3 Euros and climb stairs instead of taking the lift).

the carvings and interior of the church

We watch in awe at the amazing carvings of the St Peter's church. By far, all churches I have seen so far, this is the most magnificient, gorgoeus, largest and stunning church I ever seen. A note though, please be respectful to those who are praying as we noted a few tourist groups were chatting quite loudly.

check out the line. it's early in the morning

view of Vatican. the place is really small

panaromic view

All photos credit to my brother. I was not into photography that time and only wanted to be model instead of the photographer :)


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