Dec 15, 2010

Potrait or Landscape

View from Oia, Santorini Greece

A very cliche shot of Machu Picchu if shot using landscape view

I think this is the common question to all when you are framing a shot. Naturally, potrait shot works well with people or when you wanna do a close up of a person. Landscape shot is usually for the scenary or wide angle shot. BUT, then rules are meant to be broken. For me, I love to take potrait view for scenary shots especially those with a small but distance subject that I wanted to make a contrast against the sky. It somehow potray a more dramatic, more focus and definitely more drastic view than the rather mundane landscape view.

However, the most important thing is, experiment and snap the shots both in landscape and potrait view. Afterall, it's the digital age. You dont incur extra cost for snapping away.....

Garden inside the Wong Tai Sin temple
A potrait shot focus on the traditional pavillion against the modern backdrop

Cape Peninsula at South Africa
A potrait view highlight the waves and the colours of the sky

Robben Island @Cape Town
I had the same shot in landscape view
. A potrait shot focus on rocks and birds


  1. I just love all the photos in your blog JY! Sooooooo gorgeous! I wish I could take photos like that.