Feb 8, 2011

Disney World Epcot @ Florida

I had a chance to visit Florida's Disney World during the New Year back in 2009. Yea..I know it's 2 years ago, havent really got the time to blog bout that but to visit Disneyworld, the largest of all Disneyland in the world during the new year's eve was surreal. Imagine thousands and thousands of people counting down together in the magical world. Besides that, we also wanted to escape the winter cold in Chicago which was in minus degrees..so instead of freezing my butt off in Illinois, would rather spend the winter holidays in the warm Florida.

I had also visited another Disneyland in California back in 2007 but that was only Magic Kingdom and Disney World in Florida has 4 parks altogether; Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. So this was like a second visit to Disneyland.


snow white


We went to Hollywood Studios park on the first day while the second day, we went for 3 parks. Of the 3 parks, Disney Epcot is the place where you can see many familiar landmarks around the world such as St Mark's square in Venice, Trevi Fountain in Rome, Hampton court in UK and many more. We went around looking for the Disney mascot for the photos and had to fight with small kids to take photo with Mushu from Mulan, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Snow White.

Hampton court


inside the Morrocon village


clock tower @ Venice




  1. wooo .. the china very china neh ... haha !!

    mushu: i'm a dragon ~~~
    wulan: u r a lizard ~

  2. haha..I lurve Mulan! think had watched it like a zillion times