Feb 26, 2011

A Fairytale Land

Neuschwanstein from Marienbruke bridge

And where is this place? It's located nearby Fussen at a small town called Hohenschwangau whereby the world famous Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle is inspired. There are two castles, one which King Ludwig II grown up in and another castle where he spend quite a fortune to built on based on his favourite opera singer, Wagner called the Neuschwanstein. We are not allowed to take any photos inside the castle and hence just pictures on the exterior. The whole place looks more like a fairytale out from the Disney's animated world where princes and princesses meet and live happily after.

To reach the castle, one could take a local train from Munich and stopped by a town called Fussen. From there, take bus no 73 or 78 (if unsure, just follow the tourist crowd) to the castles. Visiting of the castles start from Hohenschwangau and then Neuschwanstein which also called the Swan Castle or Mother of all castle. Personally, I think the name fits the castle very well with very fairytale like location. You can take either the horse carriage up the Swan Castle or a bus or a hike up. Since the horse carriage was quite expensive, we hike up. The fare to go in both castles was 17 euros back then (I went there in 2008, so the current fare might change).

the pretty lake


view of Hohenschwangau from far

Marienbruke bridge

We walked from Hohenschwangau to Neuschwanstein and pass by the most beautiful lake ever. To sum it up, it's the most beautiful castle I ever seen before and although I had seen many castles subsequently, Neuschwanstein is and always will be the prettiest and fits the name of Mother of all castles!!

we were greeted by Neuschwanstein once we stepped out from the bus

looks familiar? it's the Sleeping beauty castle in Disneyland

Photos of the interior of the castle were taken from internet as phototaking is prohibited inside.

singer's hall

dining hall

dressing room

throne hall

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