Feb 12, 2011

The Pyramid of Giza

Pyramids and camels

view of the gigantic pyramid


Pyramid of Giza, one of the ancient seven wonder of the world located at the heart of Cairo town. And currently, Egypt is the center of attention due to the political turmoil concerning the president. Well, I am not gonna dwell much on the political news but glad that I had a chance to visit this wonder two years ago. In fact, if you thought you need to drive miles and miles to visit the pyramids, you are definately wrong. Giza is located at the center of Cairo town and surrounded by many modern buildings and residential area.

View from our hotel room
Can you see the pyramid top? (middle right)

A lady resting at the pyramid stones

view from the pyramid

first take, kind of ugly jump

second try, this one looks better

One of my very first sight when I saw Egypt from the flight was that it looks like a sandbox from top. Kind of scary!but excited at the same time. My very first visit to the African continent. I followed a tour which cheated quite a huge amount of money from us. The guide cheat us for the camel ride as well as the Abu Simbel tour. Seriously, this gives us such a bad first impression of Egypt and we find Cairo chaotic but the pyramids mysterious.

So from the cheated camel ride, we rode to view the nine pyramids. It's my first camel ride and it's kind of scary, fun, hot and sweaty. Yea..I want to save some money and decided to go Egypt during the peak of summer during the month of June. Almost fainted from the heat and it's about 45 - 50C. But then we got less tourists to fight with to take photos.

kid on camel

the camel that I rode on and got cheated


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