Jul 27, 2012


It's Friday night and while everyone, or at least couples are out dating, here I am at home watching TV and typing this entry. Don't know why I feel so emotional the last few days but the past 1 year in a long distance relationship is not that easy. It takes a lot of courage to start one and even more courage and effort to maintain one. There were times when I wanted a cuddle or a hug, he is not there.  There were times, I wanted to call him just to hear his voice but it's already midnight over there. There were times when I need him the most and he was not around, just like the past 1 month where I had a major breakdown.  Sometimes, I just wish I have a normal relationship where I can just pick up the phone and call him or going out for movie and dinner dates anytime or celebrating our anniversaries, birthdays and valentines day together. I really envy those who can see their other half frequently as even with today's technology, skyping with him everyday is impossible due to timing difference. Even when he's back for holidays, the number of dates that we went out together and not 'sharing' with others are not even more than 10 times. Call me selfish or what, but I am just like every other girl out there who just want to spend as much time as possible with him without 'sharing' him with others.
Is it too much to ask?


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