Jul 9, 2012

Top of South East Asia - Mount Kinabalu

I am back from my climb to mount Kinabalu just over the weekend and the trip is definitely awesome.

The 8 of us managed to climb all the way to the peak and the weather was on our side as we made our way up to the peak 2.30 in the morning holding our dear lives on the rope.

What I did not expect was that the descend down from Laban Rata to Kinabalu Park is worst than the ascend up to the peak. I can't even bend my knees now and am walking like a penguin.

Anyway, it's a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should try once and it's more like mentally challenging than physical challenging I would say.

Some advice though,

  • Wear Adidas Kampung to ascend to the peak. It's ok to wear normal sports shoes for the hike up to Laban Rata but the Adidas Kampung does make a huge difference from Laban Rata to the peak and back down. Many people actually slip and fall during the descend from the peak to Laban Rata. 
  • Hire a porter. Do not save on the money. Afterall it's only RM8 per kilo for both ways.
  • Pack lots and lots of high calories chocolate bars. I brought 9 bars of Sneakers chocolate bars up. 
  • Bring headlights and spare batteries.
  • Remember to cut your toe nails and I mean super short!
  • Rent a walking stick from the office. It's RM10 and it helps a lot during the descend.
  • Descend early from Laban Rata as I took longer time going down than going up.
  • Bring lots of wet tissues as there's no hot shower in Laban Rata and you might not want to shower in icy cold water.
  • Stay in Laban Rata even if it's more expensive and not some hut which you need to hike a few more metres. Check out from the guesthouse if you think you can't make it back to check out by 10.30am as they charge extra RM100 for each 1 hour late checkout. I barely make it back by 9.40am. 
  • Wear extra clothing, especially those with fleece. And not forgetting raincoat. 
  • Drink lots of water. 
  • And most important, take one step at a time. You will be able to reach the top. Up there, it's all about mental strength. 


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