Mar 21, 2013

6 Things to Do in Scotland

1. Try Haggis, a traditional Scottish food only available in Scotland and not other parts of the UK.

Haggis (photo credit to

2. Watch a Royal Military Tatoo performance. Sadly, this remains one of things I did not manage to do last time as I miss my flight back to Edinburgh from Budapest and thus missed out one of the best show in town. It is usually held in August towards the end of the summer.

Military Tatoo held in front of the Edinburgh castle every August  
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3. Ask a men in skirt a.k.a kilts what he wear underneath. I once ask that question to my Highland tour guide and you don't want to know the answer, haha.

4. Listen to Scottish music from the bagpipes. One of the place to spot man in kilts with his bagpipe is along The Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

5. Tour the Highlands; Isle of Skye, go Nessie spotting in Loch Ness, and to the end of the Scottish Isle and feel yourself inmmense in the Highlander movie! I can never describe the experience here as I still think Scottish Highlands are still THE Best place I ever been and Edinburgh, the best place I ever been. I think I am a bit bias but I had the best time of my life over there.
Feel like a highlander here

6. Visit a castle. I literally castle hopping every weekend. Highly recommend Edinburgh castle and Linlithgow castle for the history of Queen Mary of Scots.

Try watching Brave and Stardust and you will know what I mean.


  1. Hello JingYi, thanks for this informative post! I am going to London on this coming Aug, and i have booked a tour to 3-days Isle of Skye from MacBackpackers as per your info after doing some online reseach...Really thanks a lot for ur info ya....

  2. Enjoy the trip! Try getting the tickets for the Military Tattoo if you have the time. It's worth the money and time. And bring thick windbreaker (with hoodie) for the Highland tour as temp can go as low as below 10 Celsius even during summer and 80% of the time it rains in Scotland esp the highlands. Do allocate a day or half for Edinburgh to try out the Haggis and deep fried Mars bars along the street in Royal Mile!! :)

  3. And no point bringing an umbrella coz the it's too windy, jacket with hoodie is the best.

  4. really thanks for the info given. Lukily u info me on the windbreaker w hoodie, else i don't know at all that it can be such cool! below 10c is crazy cool...
    yup, i still have about half day in edinburgh, hope can try the haggis & deep fry there..yum yum...