Mar 22, 2013


This is one of the favourite word from my boss in audit but in photography, it's also one of the most important elements. It's interchangeable with composing but what I mean here it's incorporating frames into your picture. I was reading through some photography articles from Flipboard and was inspired to by this article;  "Using Framing in Photography" to blog my experience in using frames to compose my photos. It is not something technical like controlling shuttle speed or aperture value but using a different perspective to highlight your photo. And it's not literally using frame as frame but some parts of building/window as shown in the photos taken  in Istanbul, Sintra, Machu Picchu and Greece respectively.

By incorporating a frame as part of the composition of a picture, it somehow highlights the focus of the picture. If not why do so many photobooths in wedding provide photoframe as part of the props. Dont' believe me, here's are some of the photos I
Guests were having fun with the frame (photo credits to
The frame adds a unique touch to the otherwise 'normal' wedding photo (photo credit to Carrie Wildes photography)

However, I admit some of the difficulties in photographing a subject within a frame is that I tend to focus on the 'frame' rather the subject when I am using auto focus. Hence, the best way to avoid this is to use manual focus.