Mar 24, 2013

Patan, Kathmandu

During the last Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan trip, we spend three days in Kathmandu as we need 3 days to do our visa for the Tibet trip. On the second day we spend in Patan, a town nearby Kathmandu where it has a huge Durbar square and museum for visit. Patan is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage.

I remember we spend quite some time here as the guide probably thought that we were very interested in the history and the carvings. No doubt, it is great and astounding to see such stunning buildings, but try seeing them so much in a day.

Nevertheless, I love the carvings and how the people here chilled out during their free time. People come here for prayers most of the times as there are a few temples surrounding the Durbar Square. In case anyone confuse what Durbar means, it means market. So yeap, technically we were visiting a market and I don't even like going to market in Malaysia, haha.

Durbar square

during our visit, they have another festival going on

People chilling out

The square


check out the carvings

People watching

view of Patan Square from across the road


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