Jul 31, 2013

Barkhor street @ Lhasa Tibet

After we have arrived in Lhasa, we were transported to our hotel to rest for the day as it is vital to acclimatise to the high altitude. Will blog something on how to deal with altitude sickness later on (at least that's what I do usually).

We spend the rest of the day loitering around our hotel and the next day headed straight to Barkhor street, one of the major street in Lhasa where most of the temples and tourist spots are located, or in this case, where Jokhang temple located.

Barkhor street had us gawking at the cheap souvenirs and many other stuff that the Chinese can think of. We of course opted for a Tibetan meal since we had a true blue Tibetan who refused to speak Mandarin eventhough he is well versed. I think he is kind of glad that we request the tour be in  English and we glad we opted for a Tibetan guide as we had tonnes of fun along the journey, from his stupid jokes with poker face to us misunderstanding his explanation.

Eventhough it was early in the morning, the street is already packed with tourists and locals. I can't help but notice most of the Tibetans dressed in black and grey.


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