Jul 2, 2013

Sera Monastery, Tibet

Continuation from the debate of the monks...

Before we went to see the debate, we get to walk around the monastery to get a glimpse of the monks life. Since this was considered the first monastery we visited in Tibet, we were pretty excited plus we joined with another group from UK whereby we tried to matchmake their lady tour guide with our tour guide, Jamba. Since Jamba needs to settle our permit for the Everest base camp, we were left with the lady tour guide. And since her English is not as good as our guide, we spend most of the time hiding under the tree from the Tibetan heat and taking photos not knowing the building history. All I can remember from the visit is Sera monastery is one of the few monastery where you can find monks living inside.

Oh, have I not mentioned million times that I love the colour of the sky here. It's so blue...

the courtyard where the debate of the monks took place

one of the halls for prayers

somehow this photo looks like some water colour painting especially the sky

seriously the heat can be really bad


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