Oct 15, 2013

Portrait Shooting at Sekinchan

Truthfully speaking, I was quite nervous when a friend of mine asked me whether I can shoot some portraits for her sister and brother in law. I had never done this so called 'engagement' shots before and was quite stress that I would not be able to deliver the best photos for them. And the fact that I had not actually touched my camera for quite some time!

The couple choose to have their shooting at Sekinchan, the paddy fields located at Kuala Selangor. As I had been to the place before, mentally I was trying to search for some good scenery for the shooting. After the shooting, we continued to shoot some balloon shots at a park near my condo. Never knew such beautiful place existed right in front of my condo.

These are some photos from my first engagement/ portrait photography and I hope the couple is happy with the photos. As my photoshop skills are still quite sucky, so most of the photos straight out from the camera with very minimal editing.  My photography is back but with a major sunburn from the outing!


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