Oct 22, 2013

The Monkey Temple, Kathmandu

The eye

Or otherwise known as Swayambunath.

I only found out the name of the temple when I was busy doing my photobook for my Nepal trip. All I can recalled from the trip was that the temple is on top of a hill and full of monkeys, hence the other name as Monkey Temple. I am not going to dwell much on the history and stuff like that as wikipedia is available.
As we followed a tour, I have no idea how to get there as well, just that it's highly recommended as the scenary up the hill is gorgeous. Practically, you can see the whole of Kathmandu from the top.

And not forgetting the bad monkeys which chase us around and fighting for food. Locals do not need to pay to get in but the tourists are charged a small fee.

I always wanted to try taking this motion type of photo

Check the view from the top

Prayers flag everywhere


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