Mar 12, 2014

Random Updates

I guess my blog is dying slowly. Haven't got the time to properly sit down and jotting down my thoughts on my travel and yet in a month's time, I will be going to Japan for the Sakura viewing. It's something I have been looking forward since I knew the existence of Sakura and it's something that I need to do for myself. Truth is, the past few months had been very tough mostly due to personal relationship issues. I went through emotional rollercoaster for several weeks and months since beginning of the year up to the extent that I regretted some of the decisions I made over the last two years. It's a shocker for someone like me, who doesn't regret much things/events that happened in my life. I am more like the person who regret not buying that shoe than regret buying. And now coupled with haze, water rationing and missing plane, I came to realise that life indeed is short and unpredictable. In fact, I have been living according to the expectations and want from people around me up to a point I realised I wasn't happy anymore. If I were to die tomorrow, I hope I would not have regrets in my life.


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