Mar 14, 2014

Crazy things I did in New Zealand

Bungee Jump - Nope

Skydiving - Nope

Canyon Swing - Nope

White Water Rafting - Nope

Zorbing- Nope

So what crazy things I did in NZ?

The title itself a bit anti climax though. Although New Zealand is famous for extreme activities, the only things that I dare to do when I was there were paragliding in Queenstown and black water rafting in Waitomo. Well, Tongariro Crossing is considered another crazy thing as it was a 7 hour hike non-stop. Other that day, sightseeing pretty much sums up all the things that I have done in New Zealand.

Speaking of that, I haven't not even look at my paragliding video and photos which I have paid NZD40 for them. Problem now is I need to recall where I have left them.

Since I wasn't sure where I have left my paragliding photos and video, black water rafting is the only thing I can share for now. There is no photos or videos but it was one of the best experience I ever had although I almost drown at the part where we need to leap from the waterfall. Not very tall waterfall but considering that I DO NOT know how to swim, I was terrified. But after seeing all the glow worms in the Waitomo caves, I have to say this is the best way to experience the glow worms in the dark.

Tourist boat, not a fun way to see the worms
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Cruising along the river in the caves
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This is how I need to jump from the waterfall
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There is one part where we switched off our headlights and we practically wowed at the sight of the worms glowing in the dark. And doing that while drifting away along the river inside the caves. Definitely something that everyone should do when they are in New Zealand and visiting the Waitomo Caves.

Just for info, we signed with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.


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