Mar 16, 2014

Paragliding Over Queenstown, New Zealand

Whee..I am flying
Technically, I didn't paraglide over Queenstown town area but from Coronet peak, which is around half and hour from the town. It's actually a long story as after our guide, Hyge dropped us at the peak of the Queenstown gondola and we happily waiting for our turn to paraglide. I was quite sceptical in the first place as I have major motion sickness and some fear of height. And when they told us that the wind was too strong to fly, I was quite happy to have the activity cancelled. But since they relocated to Coronet Peak to fly, I had to go ahead.

It was a tandem paragliding and the four of us including Lin, were put with a partner who controlled the glide. I got myself a Venezualean guide who kept asking me whether I am ok and kept saying the view is beautiful. Actually deep down in my heart, I think my heart almost fell out once we kicked off from the hill. I practically had to run to start flying and it was really scary. After getting used to the height, wind and fear, I began to enjoyed the view. Too bad, the guide behind me started to be funny and tried to fly higher and doing some acrobatic moves. I can feel my motion sickness kicked in and yet my guide kept doing his spin. Sigh, until I had to resort to blackmailing him that I am going to vomit in the sky, that he finally stopped spinning and looking for the spot to land. Pheww....

But the view from the top is amazing and the feeling of wind rushing through felt good. If someone ask me whether I would recommed this activity, I will say yes. It's a very good experience if you can't take bungee jump or skydiving.

For information, we flew with G Force Paragliding in Queenstown. There is a counter at the top.

Strapped on

I getting dizzy

When are we going down?

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