Apr 1, 2014

Braving the Hailstorm at Franz Josef

It was raining non stop from the time we reached Franz Josef for dinner. We stayed in a quiet town with only 2 streets and the weather wasn't looking good for our hike to the glacier tomorrow. In fact, we had been told by our guide that most likely we will not get to hike the glacier. I was really dissapointed to hear that as this was one of the things in my bucket list that I am dying to do.

Hygi suggested for us to go for quad biking but being the super kiam Asians, we decided not to go ahead. We manage to see the glacier from a distance in the early morning before the hailstorm struck. It was also the first time I was stuck in the middle of the storm with no way to hide but to keep walking in the open area towards the parking. And the three of us were drenched from head to toe as I was too busy protecting my camera and not my pants. Lesson learnt, next time must wear water proof pants and not jeans if a storm is approching.

As we didn't sign up for the quad biking, we decided to do our laundry and we spent the entire evening trying to dry our clothes. This remained the funniest experience ever as the three of us were running around changing coins and 'chupping' the washing machine and dryer to dry our clothes. It took us 6 times to dry our clothes using the dryer as we made a mistake of loading too much at once, again blame on the kiam attitude of three accountants/auditors.

Even that, our clothes were not fully dried and we resort to let it air dry or rather heater dry in our room while we went out for dinner at one of the pub for the cheap food, again due to our kiamness. We tried to run away when we saw our tourmates coming as we didn't want to play the snooker but it was too late. We had to finish or at least try to make one ball fall into the hole. I totally sucks at snooker or any other games that required eye, hand and feet coordination!


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