Apr 20, 2014

Romancing in Japan, the Sakura Season

Philosopher's Path
Finally I am done with my Japan photobook and have some time to properly sit down and blogged about my Japan trip recently during the Sakura season. After seeing so many Sakura trees and flowers for the past whole week, I realised that life is short and we should appreciate all things around us. Sakura flowers typically bloom in late March to mid April (this only applies to Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, as there were the only places I went for the sakura viewing). I missed the full bloom by a few days but when we were there, there are still aplenty of sakura flowers around. In fact, I think it was prettier after the full bloom when the petals start falling and it felt like snowing but with sakura petals. Indeed it is a beautiful sight and fulfilling my long time wish to see the sakura in Japan.

I will be sharing the itinerary soon with budget and hostels/hotels that we stayed in another post. For those who thinks that it is difficult to get around in Japan without knowing Japanese, they are definately wrong. In fact, I think it was easier to get around in Japan than in some of the eastern Europe countries that I have been to. The Japanese is so polite, honest and I don't have to worry about leaving my belongings unattended for a few minutes (like I can just throw my bag on the floor and start snapping photos using my tripod). And not forgetting the high tech toilet with warm toilet seat!!


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