Apr 24, 2014

Philosopher's Path 哲学の道, Kyoto

When I was googling for the best spot to see the sakura or cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Philosopher's Path comes up the top.  A quick look at the google image during the sakura season totally blew me away. The whole pathway is lined with sakura trees on both side of the river and it goes all the way for almost 2-3 kilometres. And when we were there, the sakura flowers were beginning to drop and the whole river was covered in pink petals floating along. I can't stop taking photos every few seconds and it was indeed very romantic to walk under the sakura tress with your loved one. Almost every 5 minutes we walked, we stopped for photos. For a path that only takes about half an hour to finish walking, we took more than an hour!

The pathway is named after a university professor, Nishida Kitaro who used it for daily meditation and hence the name philosopher comes up.

Love the reflection of the sakura flowers

Syok sendiri, haha

I love it when the petals are floating in the river

Notice the bear family?

Can't stop looking at all the pretty flowers

Every corner we go, there is sakura 

To get to the path, take the bus no.100 from the bus stop D-1, bus no. 5 (bus stop A-1) or bus no. 17 (bus stop A-2) from the bus terminal in front of Kyoto station. Make sure the direction of the bus is heading towards Ginkakuji temple and stop at Ginkakuji michi 銀閣寺前. You can actually see the pathway lined with sakura trees from afar. 

There are also many sakura flavoured ice cream sellers along the road and temples along the path. 


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