Mar 29, 2010

Avignon, France (14 May 2009)

Our next stop is Avignon, a nice sleepy town on the way to the Spanish border. I decided to stop over here after seeing the Palais of Pope in the internet and it looks grand.

At first glance, the whole town seem to exists only due to the Palais which indeed is very very grand. It was so huge and was the major attraction. We went to the counter to get our tickets and there was this cute French guy with the bluest eyes I ever seen serving on the counter until that I keep staring at him that I forgot to answer his questions. After we got our tickets we proceed to tour the Palais and get the view of the town from atop.

 Palais of Pope

We also went to the unfinished bridge Pont D Avignon as the entrance fee was included. It 's just a bridge and nothing much. Spend a few hours there but was surprise to see lots of school children having a field trip. And they even pose for my photos..maybe seeing a big ass camera was something unique.

Pont D Avignon

The children happily posing for pictures


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