Mar 29, 2010

Provence, France (12-14 May 2009)

Provence or southern France has always been on my list of 'to travel' places since it's famous for lavender as well as that's where Cannes and Nice (pronounce as niece) are located. This time around I travel with a classmate from my major and we went right after our final exam in May. There was suppose to be a friend joining us from Malaysia but she kind of ffk after hearing lots and lots and lots of stories on H1N1 which coincidentally started to spread around in April.

viewpoints around cannes

We flew to Nice via EasyJet from Edinburgh and manage to get into our hostel. Then I realised that my credit card could not be used as I either busted my limit or those fellas in RBS locked it upon I swipe in Nice. After some panicking and commotion, managed to finally charge my card but had to rely to my brother to constantly monitor my limit usage. To be fair, how the hell to survive on my trip based on a 300 quid limit...!!
All about boats and sea
Anyway,we proceed to Cannes and when we reached there, then only we realised that the Cannes Film Festival was due to start the next day!! Nevertheless, we took a stroll along the beach and hike up some hill. Not forgetting sighting of Bumblebee do excite me a lot since it was a real gigantic one.
Back in Nice, we didnt venture much out due to the time constraint. Only manage to go to this church with a bit of Russian influence


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