Mar 16, 2010

A Year Has Passed

Can't imagine that I am already completed my mission of conquering the world (or at least Europe) and back to reality.

For the past 1 year in UK studying for my masters, I managed to travel to 17 countries which a great achievement plus I still end up with a Distinction..ok I am a bit masuk bakul angkat sendiri here..amongst the places that I went to includes Peru (Machu Picchu is amazing, beyond description of words), Jordan (seeing Petra was a childhood dream come true- it's all because of Indiana Jones), Turkey (who wouldnt fall for the delicious turkish delight and the blended culture east and west), Greece (I so love those white washed little houses with blue top against the blue blue sky) and not forgetting Spain for the yummylicious Spanish dude who are forever helpful eventhough they dont understand what the hell am I talking about.

Reblogging seems to be a tired task to be carried out these days more so ever I had like tonnes and tonnes of travel photos and stories of travelling to be told. Better late than never!


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