Mar 16, 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark (17-20 April 2009)


A weekend hopover trip to Copenhagen when my final exam is just a week away. Travelling is too tempting to forgo especially after I gotten my DSLR which is my dream toy, Canon EOS 450D. Plus I told myself that I would spend only 30% on studying and the rest for even if it's final exam in a week's time, I couldn't pass this opportunity to travel to my second Scandinavian country.

  Nyhavn at sunset
From young, I only know Denmark is famous for two things, Danish puffs and cookies plus Legoland.
But in fact, Denmark has her own share of tale. The little mermaid made famous by Disney was in fact originated from Copenhagen with a twist to the story. There was no happy ever after, only sad and what left was a mermaid longing for her prince.
the town


The Little Mermaid waiting by the stone for her death

The Palace in the town

We visited the botanic garden as well a day trips to all the castles in Hillerod (Frederiksborg castle) as well as the famous Kronborg castle, the setting for Shakespere Hamlet.

The Botanic garden


 Federiskberg castle


                                                                         Kronborg castle


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