Oct 3, 2010

FIFA World Cup Match : Argentina vs Germany (3 July 2010)

Managed to snap last minute tickets for the Q final match between Argentina and Germany. Initially we only wanted to watch one match but since we were in Cape Town when the match was played between the two giants, we thought to try our luck to see wehther we managed to get any last minute ticket.

Adri and I queued in front of the FIFA ticketing office just barely 2 hours before the match and somehow, lady luck saw us that day and decided to give us two tickets to the match..of course with a heavy price. I got my initial tickets of the 2nd round for 200USD and this one cost more than that but hey since we were already spend so much to be in South Africa, and since this was once in a lifetime experience, and since we were dying to see Argentina in action, and since everyone that we met in Cape Town had a ticket to the match and made us super jealous, and since this was the most talked about match in the town, and most important since we were gonna watch a world cup match and not any other match, we decided to buy!! and we even made a pact not to buy shoes for the rest of the year (a pact that I have since broken but I doubt whether Adri actually still remember it)

Once we got the tickets, we joined the crowd and started to walk towards the stadium. Btw, I found out the name of the stadium was Green Point Stadium from a South African friend (thanks Jared!). May did not join us for the match as she was not a fanatic football fan like us and decided to wait for us in Quay 4 (another restaurant that I highly recommend if you happen to be in Cape Town, they serve delicious seafood). This time, we agreed that the atmosphere was better than in Joburg probably it was warmer in Cape Town and we walked along the Fan Walk and not taking a bus to the stadium. We saw many bars, restaurants, pubs, practically any place with a TV were fully occupied. It was really fun to be able to walk and take photos with fans of both countries.

When we almost reached the stadium, we saw some TV reporters doing some live broadcast and as usual we started to wave towards to camera. One of the reported stopped us and asked where we were from and we answered Malaysia. He must be quite surprised to see 3 Asian girls waving an Argentina flag frantically for attention. He left and we thought he was not interested to interview us and we moved on. After a few seconds, the reported called us back and told us we were live on Argentina TV and interviewed us ..wow..we were so excited and me being a very ardent Malaysian shouted Malaysia BOLEH on Argentina LIVE tv..(so if anyone had this clip, pls let me know)

in front of the stadium

my super expensive ticket

the crowd

a very cheeky Adri asked me to quietly snap this (the guy did not notice)

Finally we reached the stadium and parted with May. Our seat were not as good as the one we had in Joburg. Nevertheless we enjoyed the match except for the first goal that we missed because of some stupid fella came in late for the match who sat right in front of us blocked us right when the goal was scored. We were quite dissapointed to see Argentina lost but it was a good match. It was funny that an English who sat beside Adri said that he was glad Argentina was smacked by the Germans as that way he would not feel so bad for the English when they lost to the Germans 3-1. Btw, Argentina lost 0-4 to Germany.

inside the stadium

Argentinian fans

the match had started. didnt take so many photos as I was concentrated on the match


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