Oct 23, 2010

South African Safari - Part 1

view from our lodge

One of the most exciting things about South Africa is going to the famous safari. We booked a 7 day tour around Johannesburg to Durban and spend 3 days in the Kruger Safari. However, the place that we stay was outside of Kruger but nevertheless, it was stunning and according to my guide there are crocs , elephants and hyenas roaming around the area.

our accomodation

pumba house

Oliphants River Safari

May and Adri chilling out with our super cool guide, Cunnie. At night they build a fire and we had our dinner by the fire overlooking the riverside in the cold night

But...it was here that I got food poisoning and had to spend my night practically in the toilet while listening to some hyenas searching for food outside of our accomodation. Thank God that I am able to go for the safari the next day...coz I die die also wanna go see the lions...:)

stunning scenary..after sunset


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Jingyi! Was wondering if you would do me a favour - link my blog here please? I will link you back! Thank you.

  2. thanks Peggy!!Done with the link :)