Oct 13, 2010

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Besides Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca is also one of my favourite places in Peru. I remembered during geography classes, Lake Titicaca is known as the highest commercially navigable lake in the world at 3811m above sea level. Lake Titicaca is actually located at both Peru and Bolivia. To get to Lake Titicaca, we took a boat from the Puno town, the nearest town for about 30 minutes.

this is how the island look

On the lake there are many artificial islands built by the locals using some sort of floating reeds and the island can actually move from one place to another. So if you are not happy to stay with your mother in law, you can move your island to another place..as simple as that. Uros was the first place that we visited which comprise of about 40 artificial islands made from the floating reeds. Once we stepped onto the man made island, it feels very spongy and someone said we can jump on it and I tried, which later my guide asked me to stop as he was afraid that the island would give way. When we were about to reach the island, we could see many of the locals trying to get the tourists onto their ‘home’. The locals are very friendly; they even offered to dress us in the local costume and no charges. They showed us their culture and what they do for a living. The souvenirs over here are pretty amazing and, if you happen to like something here, buy it because you won’t get to see it in another place. I bought a small boat which was quite pricey but it’s worth as I could not find it another place.

dressing up as locals

me and Adri

the cute gran from our tour group

the island..all floating above the lake

all waving goodbye

on the boat..to another island

my super expensive souvenir..only in Lake Titicaca


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