Nov 20, 2010

All about Lighting

How do you define a good photo? Super blue sky? Razor sharp image? A soft bokeh? Capturing the best moment?

Sometimes when the lighting, the colour of the subject or the background are not too good, it's usually then that I will take the shot in monochrome. Somehow, black and white photos give me a feeling of nostalgic, old but classic. And guess what, the best shot that I took while I was holidaying in HK was a monochrome shot of the Buddha's face in Lantau Island.

The shot above is taken using my new lens 15-85mm, a superb sharp lens though with the limited focal length. For anyone looking for good bargains, check out Foto Selangor at Kompleks Pertama near to Sogo. Ask for Uncle Johnny and start bargaining for price and goodies!


  1. yea...agreed with that.
    lighting is very important in photos!
    at times...if you hardly figure out the best color...monochrome will always be the best choice. ^^

  2. someimes even taking a B&W photo is tough!

  3. Wah...speaking like a pro! Hahaha...

  4. kc..when you gonna get one DSLR yourself? know with your skill, your photos might even turn out better than mine