Nov 27, 2010

Colours of Autumn in Benmore Botanic Garden

floor of autumn leaves

I always love the autumn colours with her bright yellow, red and orange colours. The temperature will be just nice for a stroll in the park during autumn to admire the colours of nature. Somehow, autumn always give me a feeling of romantic and laid back feeling. And it is always one season that I love most while many Malaysians would argue that they would like to experience winter the most.

A day trip to the Benmore Botanic Garden located near Dunoon and Loch Eck when I was studying in Scotland, had deepened my love for autumn. Mother nature works her best during this time of the year and awarded plenty of photograhy opportunities.

spotted a lone bench at the garden

one of the castle inside the garden


  1. Cant wait to go Jiu Jai Gou to capture the autumn colours!

  2. Nice! Just like Autumn in My Heart. Perhaps, you should consider Korea..