Nov 13, 2010

Bucket List

I have always been wanting to do these stuff before I reach certain age or even before I draw my last breath.

1. Learn swimming

2. Go for diving

3. Run for a marathon

4. Fly in first class

5. Quit my job and do something that I like

6. Buy my own home

7. Go for a camping

8. Buy my dream car

9. Take a sabbatical and travel around the world

10. Go for the Trans Siberia

11. Climb Mount Kinabalu

12. Strike a lottery ..this one a bit hard to control though

13. See the northern lights

14. Have a walk in wardrobe and a gigantic shoe cabinet

15. and the list goes on..too lazy to think and write


  1. Hello, I think you've done half of the list already!! You mentioned before you reach certain age, and that would be?? By the way, I thought finding a good husband would be at the top of your list! Hahaha..

  2. Haha kc, I forgot bout that!From the list, I think I had only achieved 4 and 9.