Nov 15, 2010

Isle of Skye

My favourite. Mount Quiraing

There must be a solid reason why I keep raving about Scotland and how beautiful the place is. In my opinion, if you are planning for a visit to the UK for some countryside scenary, put Scotland as the main priority. And if there's only one place you can go for scenary, go to Isle of Skye, the island is stunningly beautiful and almost a ripped off from the movie Lord of the Rings. I remembered a friend once told me that she almost cried when she saw Scotland. And also because of what she say, I applied to do my masters at Edinburgh Uni the last time.

If you are travelling alone, there's plenty of backpackers tour that one can follow. I took a 3 day tour with Mac Backpackers around the Scottish countryside which includes the famous Loch Ness for the Nessie monster. We had a very funny Scottish tour guide which half of the time I did not understand what he said and he told us many stories and history of Scotland.

Apparently, dip your face here three times for luck

Portree. The main town in Skye

Old Man Storr.. there's a story behind it

it's so windy

Faerie Glen, a place to spot fairies?

Autumn colours


  1. OMG! You made me wanted to cry again! No words can describe the beauty of the highlands. Seeing those amazing photos of yours truly brought back a lot of memories...

  2. Haha..thnks..I LOVE Scotland!!
    Maybe our next Tibet trip could make you drop a few tears??!!