Jan 20, 2013

Llamas and Alpacas

I always thought llama is only available in Tibet. Don't ask me why, I seem to confuse llamas with yak or sheep or goat or any creature with the similiar feature.

And in Peru, apparently, llama and alpaca are the staple meat for the Peruvian. Their fur is similar to wool and is used to make beautiful scarves, sweaters and blankets. My tour guide told us the difference between the two, alpaca is the smaller version of llama. The description doesn't help much as I am still confuse between the two. Looking through my photos, it seemed like I took a lot of photos of these animals, well, since I have never seen them in Malaysia.

All the llamas and alpacas pictures were taken at different location in Peru. Everytime, Adri and I saw them, we scream and straightaway wanted to take a picture with them.  And only in Peru, they have THIS on the road.

such a cutie!

llamas or alpacas farm

feeding the cute alpaca (i think so)

photo bomb by the llama

the whole village came out and take picture with us!


  1. Eee....adorable Llama! Is the fur texture same as sheep?

  2. almost, The Peruvians always used the fur to make shawl, bags, blankets etc

  3. how many colour these cuties have? i saw something like white, light/dark brown, grey...Peruvian like to decorate something on their ear & neck?

    1. i think the normal colours are black, white and brown. And yea, they were decorated with colourful stuff. I think it's part of their culture.