Jan 17, 2013

Snow Capped Mountain

Back with another travel/photography related entry this time. I guess I will continue writing even though I might only have 2 readers.

I was looking through some of my old photos of my travel to Peru and Tibet and I realised although Swiss is the country famous for snow capped mountain, surprisingly Peru and Tibet have some of the more exotic ones comparing to Swiss. 

Snow mountain in Peru

Blamed it on my forgotten geography knowledge, I kind of forgot that part of the Andes mountain lies in Peru. When I was in Peru a few years back during winter, we were lucky that the good weather permitted us to see such stunning view during my two weeks stay. I can only imagine something like the above in paintings or CGI but yes, such view is actually real!

Snow mountain along the way to Tibet
 As Tibet is located at the heart of the Himalayas mountain, spotting snow capped mountains are quite a common sight along the road from Lhasa to Zhangmu. What we actually missed out during our trip was to see Everest upclose from the Everest Base Camp.

Snow mountain in Grindelwald
Switzerland is a country first famous for the snow capped mountain and second is still the snow capped mountain! Anyone who had never seen snow, dreamt of coming here for the view and not forgetting skiing during winter. This photo was captured 4 years back but the memory of standing right in front of this view in Grindelwald, at the moment was still surreal up until today. It almost, actually certainly feel that I was transported into Heidi, a story I used to love to read when I was young.

So which view do you love most? For me, I can't decide :)


  1. Yay! Jing Yi continues writing!
    You have so many nice landscape photos to make as wallpaper.

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  3. haha..tq tq..the reason why I always change my laptop wallpaper