Jan 5, 2013

Should I Continue?

Should I continue writing here? I have lost motivation to write on my travel adventure knowing that I would not have much chance to travel anymore. I think I kind of losing myself as a person, the person I used to know no longer resides in me anymore and sometimes I feel like a maid. Everyone dictates how I should live my life, have I lost the fire and the happy go lucky personality I used to have?


  1. YES, you should! I miss looking at your pretty photos that u captured each time you traveled. Haha...lets think positively, although life is quite miserable.....

  2. haha, Mel. Probably you are the only one who read my blog. Have to search for inspiration la. These days, I am too occupied to blog!

  3. hello Jingyi, sometime when i free at office, i also read ur blog ler...don't give up, gambate! :)

    1. tq tq...didnt knw you are one of my reader too!now I am motivated to write more :)

  4. oi .. i got read also 1 leh .. hahaha