Mar 29, 2013

Dream Home

I was reading about this blogger's entry about her dream home, something she had been planning and dreamt of, for the past few years. Reading her thoughts and looking through her photos brought back good 'ol memories of my own dream home, not my current home but my condo that I bought few years back.

I still remember the first moment I set my eyes on my condo, I fall in love. I could already envision how the fully furnished place would turn out to be. When I paid for the deposit, I was nervous but excited at the same time. Finally, I can moved into a place I called home and not renting rooms anymore. Yes, I have been renting rooms for the last 5-6 years while working hard to save the money to get my first home.

Eventhough I was tired from searching and researching for contractors, designers, ploughing through ID magazines and websites, I was nevertheless happy. Happy that I can decorate my own home, happy I can make decisions on what colour to paint, what furniture to buy, what electronics to get and etc. The end result, my home turned out exactly how I visioned it to be, white and grey minimalist with a tinge of colour in the bedrooms, gigantic wardrobe to fit all my clothes, the bar at the dry kitchen that I always wanted and most important a huge conceal shoe cabinet to fit all my shoes.

Sadly, I only spend a year there before I had to moved out. Still go back once in while to search the feel of my dream home. Could never let myself to rent it out or sell it,  how can I ever sell my dream home. I had moved a new home and a new life. Many people will tell me that I am lucky to move to a landed property but many things/decisions in my new home are beyond my control or things that I hated are there. Sadly, I could never feel the new home as my dream home.


  1. Understand how it feels when you put all your effort onto something.
    I'm actually very proud of bought a house yourself...& sorted those things out yourself.

  2. haih..sad to only live there for only a year.