May 3, 2014

Cathedral Cove

If you have seen Narnia, Prince of Caspian, the following images will look familiar.

It was one of the scene whereby the siblings were transported back to Narnia from the London subway.

Cathedral Cove, the scene from Narnia: Prince Caspian

While our tourmates spend their time sea kayaking, our guide had to 'babysit' us. Actually we told him, we are ok to walk on our own from the parking to the beach and told him to go ahead with his sea kayaking.

And I remembered he told us the story of how he had to bring another mother daughter to the beach as it involved a bit of walking up and down the hill, they took a long time to finally reach the beach.

We also taught Hygi a folk song, Rasa Sayang and XS even wrote him the lyrics for him to sing to his future Malaysian tour groups or girlfriends, haha.

As it took us some walking down from the top to the beach, there are some stunning scenaries along the way.


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