May 21, 2014

Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社 , Kyoto

I should run along the torii gates and reenact the scene from Memoirs of Geisha

Memoirs of Geisha.

That is the movie that  introduced me to this place, where Chiro run along the red torii and I vowed one day I must go there. Fast forward, almost 10 year later my wish is granted :)

Along the way, we noticed that the torii is getting smaller and smaller and each torii is inscribed with donator's name and date at the back of the torii. I found out that it costs aroud 400,000 yen for the small sized torii and up to a few million for the big one.

As it was too many people walking along the gates, I have to set up the tripod outside of the pathway to get a good view and good photo. And after 10 minutes I did that, some tourists began to crowd around and wanted to take the same view where I set my tripod...sigh.

Chiro running along the path. Source from internet

Source from internet

Entrance to the shrine

Check out all the torii gates all the way up to the mountain

Inside the shrine

Should have bought one of these for souviner

Two gates combined into one

The calmness before the tourist attack

By accident I got this very 'feel' shot

View from the shrine

To get to Fushimi Inari, take the JR Nara Line, which is the same line to Nara. Stopped at Inari station which is 5 minutes from Kyoto station. You have to take the local train as rapid train does not stopped here. If you ask me which place to see if you can only visit one place in Kyoto, this is definitely the place. And the fact that it is ranked no.1 spot in TripAdvisor for Kyoto must see attractions.


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