May 8, 2014

Omamori お守り Japanese charm

Before going to Japan, I was unaware of the various types of charms or Omamori available from the temples and shrines. These charms are not free though but you can purchase which will be normally used as donation to the temples. The cheapest charm I can find is 300 yen while the most expensive one can go up to 3000 yen but off course the more expensive one comes with better packaging and embroidery. The charms covering are usually made of cloth with beautiful embroidery and the name of the temple will be on the charm itself.

I discovered that there are many types of Omamori in Japan but the most common ones are;
-  love charm 縁結び
- studies,
- traffic safety 交通安全
- safe delivery 安産祈願
-  lucky charm
- fertility 子宝祈願

As the charms are quite expensive in some temples, I only managed to get a few in Todaiji temple and subsequently a few more for my parents and in laws in one of the shrine near to Nishiki market. I got a good marriage charm, wishes come true charm and another charm for myself.

I read from Wikipedia that omamori should not be opened to avoid losing the protective benefits and should be brought back to the original temple where you first bought it for disposal after a year.

Omamori sold in Tenruyji Temple

source from wikipedia


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