May 6, 2014

Kinkakuji Temple 金閣寺, Kyoto

Seriously I keep mixing this temple with Ginkakuji temple. See, even the sound of the temple is almost the same. This temple is known as Golden Pavillion and well, at least there is really a gold pavillion in the temple ground. But we choose the wrong time to come as we reached around 11am after the long and tiring bus ride from Kyoto station which took us around 45 minutes standing in a crowded bus.

As we enter the temple, there were a lot of tourists taking/monopolizing the space to take the best shot of the pavillion and probably the only best spot to take of the entire temple. I gave up after trying to fight for spot and looking for people to take photos of me and hubs. Too bad, tripod is not allowed in the temple. But I doubt I will be able to open, set up and click on the camera on tripod before others knocked down the camera.

One thing I enjoyed visiting temples is the charms or Omamori sold by the temples and shrines here. I will write a more detail posts on charms and Omamori next but let's just say, if I had the liberty of spending unlimited cash, these charms will be definately occupied most of the souviners that I would love to buy for friends.

Ok, I was taken too away from the temple. Focus needed here.

To get to Kinkakuji temple, take the bus no.101 from Kyoto station (again this is a tourist bus) or bus no.205 and stopped at Kinkakuji michi
Opening hours from 9am to 5pm with entrance fee of 400yen.


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