Jun 17, 2011

17 Countries 5 Continents

Yes, I did travel to that many countries in 1 year while I was in UK doing my masters. Decided to dedicate this entry to exactly which countries I had been during that time and mine you, this do not include transit. It's in order of the country I visited first.

1. UK

2. USA (Miami, Florida & Chicago)

3. Sweden (Stockholm)

4. Poland

5. Denmark

6. France (Nice, Cannes & Avignon)

7. Monaco

8. Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia, Toledo, Valencia, Seville, Granada, Cordoba)

9. Portugal (Lisbon & Sintra)

10. Swiss (Geneva, Lucerne, Basel, Interlaken)

11. Egypt

12. Jordan

13. Greece (Santorini, Athens)

14. Turkey (Kusadasi, Pamukalle & Istanbul)

15. Romania (Transylvania, Bucharest, Sinaia)

16. Hungary

17. Peru

18. Iceland

Yea..it's 18 countries altogether if you include UK & Scotland. And yes, it's possible because I practically travel every weekend when I was there since flight was relatively cheap.


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