Jun 12, 2011

Yang Ming Shan National Park @ Taipei, Taiwan

the pink cherries against the green

I was being told by a friend that Yangmingshan 陽明山國家公園 is a must especially during the cherry blossom season in March. Since we were there during the spring season, we made a day trip from XiMenDing. To get to the national park, one can take the bus no 260 across exit 3 of XiMen MRT station which cost roughly around NTD 30. The journey is about an hour plus. What we didnt expect that it would be extremely cold to hike those trails in the park as the temperature dropped until around the tens.

So instead of walking around the park, we just walked till the place where there's plenty of cherry blossoms. It was quite a sight to see such beautiful scenary although I wished it could be warmer but then if it was warmer, I guess the cherry will die faster..haha

bonzai (L) and lonely bench (R)

capturing the reflection

Anyway, we spend just a few hours walking around and then headed to Beitou from the park.

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  1. seriously your pictures are breath taking!
    looks really professional!