Jun 8, 2011


Yup, that's exactly how I feel these days and it's not even about work. The process of buying a non moveable asset was stressful but still manageable. However the process of renovating, buying lights, getting your kitchen sink, electrical stuff and most important getting the electricity and water connected are making me hitting an all time high of stress and tension not to mention I had to drive all the way to Wangsa Maju to get my electricity reconnected and now I have to drive all the way to Gombak not once but at least twice to get my water sorted out. It may sound trivia to some but trust me when you are being told that it takes 3 days to check my plumbing after driving more than half an hour to Syabas and then only pay the deposit and then another 3 days to fix the meter, seriously I am getting a bit emo!

And the top things off, I need *repeat* desperately need to shift in before the Hungry Ghost festival or I need to wait a month before I could shift in as the whole of seventh month in the Chinese calendar is a big no no for moving. Sigh....and guess what, my reno work and paint work cant start without water...double sigh


  1. Aiyoyo! Seems like you've still got a lot to do...I guess everything will be fine once the water + electricity is sorted out. Just be patient and Good Luck!! :D

  2. Truly understand your runnings. Ya..like what KC said...it will be fine later on. Just that suffer abit at the moment. Hope you able to catch up the time. All the best & don't emo ya... =)

  3. thanks! I need all the support