Jun 1, 2011

Stairway to Heaven at Sun Moon Lake (Wen Wu Temple)

windchimes along the stairway

Wen Wu temple 文武廟 , a very famous Confucious temple located at the bank of Sun Moon Lake whereby it's a must see attraction if you ever in Sun Moon Lake. The temple is famous for it's stairs which have a total of 366 steps from the bank which symbolises 366 days in a year. That's where the name of stairway to Heaven gotten from.

At first when we climbed the steps, we were not aware of the dates engraved on the steps. Only when we reached the top did we know about the dates and thus I went back down to snap my birth date. Thank God I was born almost towards the end of the year. We walked to the temple from the Bamboo Garden even though we bought the round the lake bus ticket as we waited too long for the bus. As with Murphy Law, once we started walking, the bus came and even honk us as though he is laughing at us..sigh...it's about 3km walk to the temple. Not advisable under the scorching hot sun!

the long way up

my birthdate & feet

Somehow the walk was worthwhile as the scenary was breathtaking along the lake. Windchimes are hanged along the stairs which signify blessings. Taken from a website:

"Visitors first go to Wunwu Temple and buy wind chimes for their specific animal of the Chinese zodiac, and then have the chimes passed through incense smoke by temple workers. Then the visitors write their names and the contents of their wishes, and go to the top of the Year of Steps to ring the chimes, and finally go down the steps and hang the chimes beside those steps that represent their birthdays, symbolizing the completion of their efforts."

more windchimes

blessings upon the wind

inside the temple

trying my fortune

view from the roof

the carvings

the entrance

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  1. Oh..I didn't know about the Stairway to Heaven! But mine would be at the bottom of the stairs, i suppose...HAHA